Cheap Jordans

AIR JORDAN I: (1985 March 1984 -1985 years, $65)

Trace to its source. A legendary brand was born, it is not only the excellent footwear products, is also a kind of cultural symbol. When it is a revolutionary product, because of a violation of NBA's "Uniform provisions have been banned in NBA. Michael, still wearing it to play, causing each of up to $5000. At the same time, cheap retro jordans in the league and international championships, in the first all star game wonderful debut, won the rookie of the year ", and the Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird dubbed the" incarnation of God - Michael Jordan.

AIR JORDAN II: (1986 November 1986 -1987 years, $100)

86 years -87 years season was a breakthrough year for cheap jordans, his scoring record began to rise in a straight line. All star weekend, Michael won his first slam dunk champion, and ushered in the first scoring title. He averaged 37.1 points score, becoming Walter Chamberlain (Wilt Chamberlain), won 3000 of the first NBA player throughout the season. As he made a brilliant record is created by the Italy footwear master a pair of leather shoes.

AIR JORDAN III: (1988 February 1987 -1988 years, $100)

The breakthrough innovation and perfect appearance, Tinker Hatfield will give him the first sports shoes for everyone. Synthetic leather shoes have the elephant folds open Nike Air and highly decorative effect. Another landmark design element is the introduction of the classic "trapeze" sign. Spike this season, Li (Spike Lee)? Mars Blackmon, first appeared in the Nike TV advertisement, attracted many followers. buy jordans online also by virtue of their first NBA most valuable player, defensive player of the year, as well as the title and a dunk contest title and the limelight. In an interview with "SLAM" magazine, Jordan called AJIII one of my favorite things. At the same time, according to the ESPN 2005 television viewers voted, the shoe was named the greatest in the history of sports shoes.

AIR JORDAN IV: (1989 February 1988 -1989 years, $100)

Breathable mesh pad and super stable tie, and shock absorption of extraordinary, Tinker Hatfield design a full mobility, rhythm and elegant sport shoes. Michael to the subversion of gravity series dunk action gives the shoes to the practical significance, and the special tongue, the "fast" has become a symbol of the cheap authentic jordans. Spike in the film "for" ("Do The Right Thing") to sing hymns to the function of AJIV. Recently, rapper Srik Rick (Slick Rick) said, he intends to 2006 retro series of cheap jordans for sale coupon number reverted to the bag. After the launch of AJ IV, AIR JORDAN series is really into the modern cultural dictionary.

AIR JORDAN V: (1990 February 1989 -1990 years, $125)

Fit the shoelace lock has been enhanced, reflecting the tongue, transparent rubber outsole more grip, Michael Jordan and Hatfield with these new elements again beyond the design before several jordans for cheap. Michael in the match against Cleveland to try on the shoes, won 69 points, with an average score of 33.6 points fourth times won the scoring title. The design inspiration from the shoes during the Second World War, the Mustang, you can see in the bottom side of the shark tooth pattern.

AIR JORDAN VI: (1991 February 1990 -1991 years, $125)

After Michael in the League for seven years, led the Chicago bulls for the first time in the NBA championship, and the 4-1 record defeat Magic Johnson led the Losangeles lakers. This is the 80 time Show Time Dynasty to 90 years of cheap jordan shoes and the bulls "torch handover" moment. In the meantime, he won fifth scoring titles, second times won the league's most valuable player, again in the NBA all star game and won the finals most valuable player.

AIR JORDAN VII: (1992 February 1991 -1992 years, $125)

Neoprene insoles with complex structure AIR JORDAN VII with the word "comfortable" with new meaning. At the same time, the Bulls big play a leading role in the 1991 -1992 season, Michael continue to redefine the game of cheap real jordans, basketball court and will become his personal show. What is "Encore"? "The legend" ("His Airness") as an icon of the year to bring the second total champion ring for the fans, there are sixth scoring titles, but as a member of the legendary basketball "dream team" won the gold medal in the Olympic Games, into the Barcelona

AIR JORDAN VIII: (1993 February 1992 -1993 years, $140)

AIR JORDAN VIII is the first use of anti reverse cross-over leather shoes material, also comes with a Velcro tie and thickening pad to increase support and stability. VIII has only three kinds of color, make it become the most popular one in the series of cheap jordans online. Michael in 93 years in the final performance of the very influential, create the final score highest on record, in a duel with the Suns average won 41 points, as he won third titles to pave the way.

AIR JORDAN IX: (1993 February 1993 -1994 years, $125)

With over nine years, creating a minimalist classic products, shoe bottom on the design of national symbol and language. Michael personally involved in the design, and the shoes down, but he did not participate in the competition for the first time to wear the shoes. Time to market the shoes in 1993 November before retiring a "trapeze"

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